Wackes acquires Finnish Logonet Promotion

Wackes is one of Sweden’s leading companies in product media. Logonet Promotion is one of Finland’s leading product media companies with great expertise in sales and loyalty-driven campaigns. “The acquisition of Logonet Promotion strengthens us in campaign marketing and will make our range more complete,” says Wackes’ CEO Thomas Davidsson. “For our international customers, this means that we can give our customers a better service globally. Through Wackes co-ownership of Prominate, our customers gain access to [...]

How do we reach out despite widespread advertising fatigue?

Advertising, no thanks? Brand items – yes please! How do we reach out, despite widespread advertising fatigue? Today we live in an information society, where people spend an increasing amount of time on managing information. Information and messages to take in, sort out, absorb and process – and ideally act out of. The amount of information inundating us on a daily basis is constantly increasing at the same time as the channels grow in numbers. Living and working in an urban [...]

”The strong also need to be kind”

Bamse is the theme of this year’s UNICEF christmas ball ornament Wackes is proud to operate and manage unicefbutiken.se for UNICEF – a pro-bono assignment for the children of the world, where all sales are done for the benefit of UNICEF’s work for children’s rights. The unique hand-painted Christmas glass ball ornament is a cherished collector’s item and a bestseller amongst the products sold before Christmas on unicefbutiken.se. This year Bamse, illustrated by Rune Andréasson, covers the Christmas ball ornament. In recent [...]

Inspirational trip and new insights – a part of our business intelligence

What are we buying? What do we eat? How do we socialize? In order to meet our customers’ needs for relevant products, business intelligence plays an important role. Besides the regular visits to Asia, international fairs, lectures, and stops in our European cities offer inspiration. We find it important to catch trends and tendencies in order to keep better informed about what is going on in the spheres of manufacturing, environment and sustainability, product design, packaging design, foods, hotels, [...]

Promotional product or brand item – what is the difference?

Promotional products, give-aways, promotional incentives, or brand items – it is easy to somewhat simplify things and think that we find many names for the things we love. But for Wackes, the difference between general promotional products and brand items is big. As a three-dimensional media channel, a profile product can attract all senses of the recipient. But today many companies invest in products that do not provide any benefit or significant value to the brand. Perfunctory purchase orders of products without [...]

The right brand items are crucial in store campaigns

Increasing sales, launching an innovation, and deepening the customer relation. In-store-competitions and “buy-and-get” campaigns are effective ways of reaching out. With a heart connecting to the brand logo and the message “Baking with love”, Pågen’s “buy-and-get” summer campaign is one of several examples of when the choice of brand item was crucial. A seemingly simple utility product to push in-store-sales lead to 135,000 sold loafs of bread, strong response, and attention. The product? A custom designed toaster in stainless [...]

Products are powerful

We are living in an ever digitalizing age, not the least in the way we communicate. At the same time as the digital world entails vast opportunities for marketing, we are aware of the fact that the more senses are being activated, the greater chance you have to actually reach out. The opportunity to touch or maybe smell, see, and hear a product for yourself, offers an unrivaled and lasting impression. A physical product is a powerful channel for marketing [...]

What does your USB stick look like on the inside?

We live in an information society where our needs to gather, save, and spread information is continuously growing. Today more and more people are working on the move, and even though reliable cloud services for storage are becoming more common, there are still needs and occasions when a personal USB flash drive is useful. The capacity of USB flash drives is constantly growing, but at the moment 8GB is the most common and affordable size. A USB flash drive can [...]

If you are seen, you exist – the importance of choosing the right reflector

Dangling, hard or soft, vests and wristbands. Today there is a wide variety of reflectors available, and it is important to choose the right ones. As a brand item, a reflector can convey daily concern and a reminder of the importance of being visible. Reflectors are complex optical products. The quality is controlled through measurements where the reflected light is measured in various angles and it is the reflector value itself which determines if the reflector is good enough. [...]