”The strong also need to be kind”

Bamse is the theme of this year’s UNICEF christmas ball ornament Wackes is proud to operate and manage unicefbutiken.se for UNICEF – a pro-bono assignment for the children of the world, where all sales are done for the benefit of UNICEF’s work for children’s rights. The unique hand-painted Christmas glass ball ornament is a cherished collector’s item and a bestseller amongst the products sold before Christmas on unicefbutiken.se. This year Bamse, illustrated by Rune Andréasson, covers the Christmas ball ornament. In recent [...]

Inspirational trip and new insights – a part of our business intelligence

What are we buying? What do we eat? How do we socialize? In order to meet our customers’ needs for relevant products, business intelligence plays an important role. Besides the regular visits to Asia, international fairs, lectures, and stops in our European cities offer inspiration. We find it important to catch trends and tendencies in order to keep better informed about what is going on in the spheres of manufacturing, environment and sustainability, product design, packaging design, foods, hotels, [...]