Promotional product or brand item – what is the difference?

Promotional products, give-aways, promotional incentives, or brand items – it is easy to somewhat simplify things and think that we find many names for the things we love. But for Wackes, the difference between general promotional products and brand items is big. As a three-dimensional media channel, a profile product can attract all senses of the recipient. But today many companies invest in products that do not provide any benefit or significant value to the brand. Perfunctory purchase orders of products without [...]

The right brand items are crucial in store campaigns

Increasing sales, launching an innovation, and deepening the customer relation. In-store-competitions and “buy-and-get” campaigns are effective ways of reaching out. With a heart connecting to the brand logo and the message “Baking with love”, Pågen’s “buy-and-get” summer campaign is one of several examples of when the choice of brand item was crucial. A seemingly simple utility product to push in-store-sales lead to 135,000 sold loafs of bread, strong response, and attention. The product? A custom designed toaster in stainless [...]