Sustainability – ethical, social and environmental


People have grown tired of products that will not last longer than the duration of the conference. They don’t want to contribute to senseless waste of resources, or bad work conditions. That is why we keep close track of where, how, and by whom our products are manufactured, and that it is done in a manner which we – and in the end also you – can account for.


Already at the conceptual stage we create products that people benefit from and enjoy. In order for us to recommend a product, it needs to have a purpose and it has to carry out a task. Only in such a way can you get a return on your investment. But from our brand items, we demand more than that:


Our environmental concerns

For us, following the law is not enough. We want to contribute to a sustainable society. That is why we consider everything ranging from material selection and the manufacturing process to packaging and transport, when we work together with our customers and suppliers towards reducing our environmental impact. Learn more>>


Social Responsibility & Product Security

Here you can learn more about our social responsibility & product security policy. Learn more>>


Code of conduct

BSCI Code of Conduct
Learn more>>


UN Global Compact

We have signed the UN Global Impact rules and supply annual reports to the UN about our improvements and how we work with these issues. Read the whole document here>>. You can find our participation status here>>.


ISO certifications

We are certified according to ISO 9001 and ISO 14001 in Sweden for our quality and environmental efforts.


When we say sustainability, we mean:
  • products that are of use for the recipient
  • deliver return on your investments
  • are produced with a high CSR responsibility.


Read more about sustainability in our white papers.

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Participant of UN Global Compact.

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The Business Social Compliance Initiative.

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Swedish Chemicals Group, Swerea IVF.

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A nationwide recycling system for packaging.

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El-Kretsen is the business sectors service company for collection and recycling of electrical and electronic products.

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