Wackes design
Good design gets you closer to your customer


Everything is communication. Good, as well as bad design. That is why we develop brand item with requirements regarding function and form, which people find valuable and are willing to use. Only then the product does some good. This requires a series of studies and stances. The reward is that you create benefits and happiness connected to your brand, through products that become a part of the customers’ everyday life.


Regardless of us choosing a product from one of our suppliers or developing a unique product, the approach we have in our work is to discern your actual needs. All of this to create a brand item, which in the best way possible strengthens the business benefits and points out what is actually relevant. That is why we initiate every new partnership by going through everything from the visual identity to core values, target groups, and brand promise. Then we translate this into product solutions in our design process, where form, function, and material is fitted to your brand we make sure these are products that your recipients want to use. This makes both you and us feel confident that the suggestions we present convey exactly what you want.


A good design
  • is functional
  • evokes emotions – the right emotions for your brand
  • is relevant and timely.
  • is aesthetic