closeness närhet wackes
Closeness – both for ideas and deliveries

As a result of our representation in Europe, China and the US, Wackes is always close to you. Not only does this enable fast deliveries, but thanks to our international presence we are also able to supply products that are conveying right values also in other markets.


The advantages of being a global player are many. One of them is our well-developed logistics and office hour support on three continents. But most importantly, we are able to successfully monitor manufacturing by easily visiting the production plants.


We hold stock

No matter if you are at the headquarters of a multinational company or a subsidiary on the other side of the globe, we are always ready to support you through orders and fast deliveries. And not only that – we can keep your products in stock and supply them when required.


Your own web store

For many of our customers, we have designed custom web stores, where their co-workers can place their orders. With such a store, you are able to monitor what products are used all over the world, at the same time as you have full control of costs and stock. And as mentioned, making sure the right projects reach the right markets is something our global support is happy to help out with.


To us, “Closeness” means:
  • always having service, production and logistics available nearby
  • understanding different markets
  • safety and control.


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