Brand items wackes promotion
A three-dimensional media channel


To us, products are not just something that should carry a logo. It is a media channel that through all senses reminds people of you and your brand. That is why we make sure the product expresses exactly what you want it to represent. We call it brand items.


When you view products as a media channel, you should be able to ask the same of a brand item, as of any other advertising investments. Maybe even more, now that we live in a time when people pay money to get rid of advertisements. We help you make sure your product becomes a brand item with the help from sustainable and relevant design and global logistics. Then you can expect that they won’t just be considered a nice gift, but as an extension of your brand which evokes emotions, gets a little closer and stays for a longer period of time.


A brand item
  • reflects your brand
  • feels relevant for your customer
  • generates a promotional effect


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